Immune system. How boost immunity?

Immune system in Our body has a powerful army that protects it from various type of virus, bacteria and germs. That is called Immune system.

What is immune system?

This is the army of our body when we effect any virus or bacteria this army protect us.

This is our personal army is called the immune system. Every day we face as huge number of bacteria and virus.

However,we don’t fall ill every day, which is due to our immune system an army of cells that are always circulating our body, ready to ward off any attack.

How to boost Immunity in Covid time?

As we all know that in this time of Covid, it is very important for everyone to have a strong immune system. There are many way by which you can strengthen your immunity because there is a huge burden of Covid epidemic on our world and if our immunity is strong then we can easily combat this disease.

Here are some tips to strengthen your immunity naturally

Food is one of our best way to increase immunity so Focus on food, like vitamin C rich food, Probiotics, Eat fermented food, drinking lot of water at least 3Lt. water per day

Eat Vitamin-C and Vitamin-B, and potassium reached fruits because it help to boost your immunity in Covid-19. This is a simple way to boost immunity.

Eat green vegetable and get enough sleep… sleep and immunity are closely tied…

Away from stress and manage your stress level. Meditation help you to manage your stress.

This is very important your body should be hydrate. Do some exercise, yoga for being energetic.

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